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MONTREAL, Canada - August 14, 2015

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) announces the release of PSILO 2015.06. PSILO is a structure database and visualization system that provides an easily accessible, consolidated repository for macromolecular and protein-ligand structural information. It offers research organizations a means to systematically track, register and search both experimental and computational macromolecular structural data. A web-browser interface facilitates the searching and accessing of public and private structural data. New and enhanced features in PSILO 2015.06 include:

  • Domain-based clustering of PDB structures
  • Compatibility of PSILO with InterPro Scan 5
  • Optional web server encryption to ensure extra security

The PSILO 2015.06 release includes a number of updates for visualizing and searching proteins as well as a new method for generating and aligning protein family databases. A novel PDB clustering method has been implemented for clustering structural domains. The new approach for structural domain clustering is then used to create protein and loop databases which can be applied to homology modeling, domain motif searching, loop modeling and other sets of MOE applications. To facilitate protein family searches, PSILO is now compatible with InterProScan 5 which offers significant speed enhancements and a richer XML output format.

Additional important features in PSILO 2015.06 include: improved parsing speeds of deposited protein structures, web server encryption to ensure that all communications are secure. PSILO 2015.06 no longer requires Java for 3D visualization or sketching within the web browser, for any browser supporting HTML5.

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