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Chemical Computing Group Announces Winners of the CCG Excellence Awards for the Fall 2014 ACS National Meeting

MONTREAL, Canada, April 14, 2014

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) and the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Division of Computers in Chemistry (COMP) congratulate the winners of the CCG Excellence Awards for the Fall 2014 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

The award winners’ research will be recognized at the award presentation ceremony during the COMP Division Poster Session on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Each winner will receive an award certificate, a one-year MOE (Molecular Operating Environment) software license for the winners’ research group, as well as financial support to cover their travel costs to San Francisco.

The winners are:

  • Heather B. Mayes, Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University and National Bioenergy Center
    Why Pucker, Sugar? Computational Chemistry Investigations into Carbohydrate Ring Distortion for Enzymatic Action
  • Christopher Carver Roberts, Department of Chemistry, University of California-Riverside
    Effects of Spatial Organization and Molecular Scaffoldings on the Diffusive Activity of Substrates in Enzyme Nanostructures
  • Cheng-Tsung Eric Lai, Department of Chemistry, Stony Brook University
    Rational modulation of inhibitor binding kinetics: controlling the key interactions for the slow-onset inhibition of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis enoyl-ACP reductase
  • Ara M Abramyan, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of the Sciences
    Computational studies of aromatic foldamer helices: molecular encapsulation and handedness inversion
  • Symon M Gathiaka, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, SUNY-Buffalo
    Mechanism and product specificity of PRMT1: Implications from QM and MD simulations

About CCG Excellence Award

The Chemical Computing Group (CCG) Excellence Awards were created to recognize and promote young scientists who use computational chemistry to further their scientific research. For more information about the CCG Excellence Awards, please visit: www.chemcomp.com/research-academic.htm

About Chemical Computing Group

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) is a leading supplier of software solutions for life sciences. For more information visit: www.chemcomp.com

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