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Chemical Computing Group Announces Winners of the CCG Excellence Awards for the Spring 2013 ACS National Meeting

MONTREAL, Canada, January 07, 2013

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) and the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Division of Computers in Chemistry (COMP) congratulate the winners of the CCG Excellence Awards for the Spring 2013 ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

The award winners’ research will be recognized at the award presentation ceremony during the COMP Division Poster Session on Tuesday, April 09, 2013. Each winner will receive an award certificate, a one-year MOE (Molecular Operating Environment) software license for the winners’ research group, as well as financial support to cover their travel costs to New Orleans.

The winners are:

  • Kyle E Hart, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State University
    Toward effective C02/CH4 separations by sulfur-containing PIMs: Insight from molecular simulations
  • Marie L Laury, Department of Chemistry, University of North Texas
    Examining the 4d transition metals and the lower p-block with a pseudopotential-based composite method: Atomic and molecular applications of rp-ccCA
  • Iffat H Nayyar, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Central Florida
    Effect of trans and cis conformational defects on the localization of electronic excitations in π-conjugated organic polymers
  • Yanxin Liu, Department of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Fast protein refolding observed in pressure-jump molecular dynamics simulations
  • Raghunath O Rambhadran, Department of Chemistry, Indiana University
    Development and Application of the generalized Connectivity-Based Hierarchy: Accurate Thermochemistry for Organic molecules

About CCG Excellence Award

The Chemical Computing Group (CCG) Excellence Awards were created to recognize and promote young scientists who use computational chemistry to further their scientific research. For more information about the CCG Excellence Awards, please visit: www.chemcomp.com/research-academic.htm

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