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Chemical Computing Group Announces Winners of the CCG Excellence Award for the Spring 2011 ACS National Meeting

MONTREAL, Canada, March 4, 2011

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) and the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Division of Computers in Chemistry (COMP) congratulate the winners of the CCG Excellence Awards for the Spring 2011 ACS National Meeting in Anaheim.

The award winners' research will be recognized at the award presentation ceremony during the COMP Division Poster Session on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Each winner will receive a one-year license for the latest version of the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE), as well as financial support to cover their travel costs to Anaheim.

The winners are:

  • Bin Zhang, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
    Hydrophobically stabilized open state for the lateral gate of the Sec translocon
  • Christina Bergonzo, Department of Chemistry, Stony Brook University
    Selective destabilization of lesions leads to divergent base flipping pathways by a DNA glycosylase
  • Justin M Spiriti, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Center for Biological Physics, Arizona State University
    Intrinsic bending flexibility of bare and protein-bound DNA by adaptive umbrella sampling on roll angles
  • Ramu Anandakrishnan, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    N Log N generalized Born approximation
  • Sudipto Mukherjee, Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Stony Brook University
    Development of the SB2010 testset to evaluate docking

About CCG Excellence Award

The Chemical Computing Group (CCG) Excellence Awards have been created to recognize and promote excellence in scientific research, and reflect CCG's belief in the importance of encouraging new researchers. The awards are granted semi-annually based on the quality and significance of the work, supporting graduate students who have used computational chemistry to further their research. For more information about the CCG Excellence Awards and eligibility criteria, please visit: www.chemcomp.com/research-academic.htm

About Chemical Computing Group

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) is a leading supplier of software solutions for life sciences. From its inception in 1994, CCG has provided state of the art drug discovery applications for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research. CCG has a proven track record in scientific innovation, consistently producing releases and upgrades for all their products. CCG's products and services are used by biologists, medicinal chemists and computational chemists throughout the world today. CCG is known for its strong collaborative scientific support, maintaining support offices in both Europe and North America. CCG headquarter is in Montreal, Canada. For more information visit: www.chemcomp.com

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