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Chemical Computing Group Announces Winners of the CCG Excellence Award for the Spring 2010 ACS National Meeting

MONTREAL, Canada, February 4, 2010

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) and the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Division of Computers in Chemistry (COMP) congratulate the winners of the CCG Excellence Awards for the Spring 2010 ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

CCG will recognize the following winners' work at the award presentation ceremony during the COMP Division Poster Session on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. Each winner will receive $1,150 US for travel costs to San Francisco, as well as a one-year license for the newest version of the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE).

The winners are:

  • Trent Balius, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY Stony Brook
    Computational prediction of fold resistance in EGFR drug resistance
  • Mehmed Ertem, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota
    Water Oxidation Mechanisms of Ru-Hbpp, cis-Ru(bpy)2(OH2)2 and Ru(DAMP)(bpy) Catalysts
  • Katrina Lexa, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan
    Mapping protein surfaces for druggable hot spots: Mixed-solvent molecular dynamics (MixMD)
  • Pansy Patel, Department of Chemistry, University of Central Florida
    Prediction of Properties of Diarylethene Photochromic Compounds for use as Nonvolatile Optical Data Storage Devices: A Density Functional Theory Study
  • Jason Swails, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
    Effect of pH on Protein Conformation and Function in GM2-Activator Protein

About CCG Excellence Award

The CCG Excellence Award is granted semi-annually as an opportunity to invest in the future of scientific research and to encourage a new generation of computational chemists. Awardees are selected on the quality and significance of the research to be presented, as well as the strength of the supporting letter and supplemental materials. For more information on the CCG Excellence Awards and eligibility criteria, visit www.chemcomp.com/research-academic.htm.

About CCG Inc.

Chemical Computing Group Inc. (www.chemcomp.com) is a leading supplier of software solutions for Life Sciences. CCG’s drug discovery software platform is the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) that integrates visualization, molecular modeling simulations and methodology development in one package. CCG’s informatics platform is PSILO which is used for macromolecular structure registration, version control and web-based searching. CCG's products and services are used by biologists, medicinal chemists and computational chemists in pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, government organizations and universities throughout the world. CCG is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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