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Chemical Computing Group Releases New Product - PSILO
A Macromolecular Repository with Version Control and a Web-Based Search Interface

MONTREAL, Canada, August 25, 2008

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) announces the release of a new software product called PSILO® (Protein Silo). PSILO is a database system that provides an easily accessible, consolidated repository for proprietary and non-proprietary macromolecular and protein-ligand structural information. It offers research organizations a means to systematically register, annotate, track and disseminate both experimental and computational macromolecular structural data. PSILO provides powerful bioinformatics and cheminformatics search, analysis and visualization capabilities through a web browser interface.

Paul Labute, President and CEO of CCG, comments "We are excited about the release of PSILO which was developed to address an important need in the life science industry to centralize, organize and share macromolecular structure data. Often research scientists do not have timely and easy access to crystallographic, NMR and computational structure data from their colleagues. With PSILO all structural data, whether proprietary or public, is centralized and searchable using a web browser. Scientists can be automatically notified of new structures related to their research as soon as they become available."

Labute went on to say that "Macromolecular structure data is important intellectual property for a research organization and it makes sense to safeguard it in a central repository managed in accordance with IT best practices. PSILO provides the means to do this using standard database and intra-net infrastructure."

Labute also stressed the importance of PSILO's version control and commenting forum features saying that "Whether experimental or theoretical, macromolecular structure is highly complex and it is difficult for depositors to resolve all uncertainties. PSILO allows users to store comments or report perceived problems with deposited structures; the authors of the structures are automatically notified and can respond or deposit a new (corrected) version of a structure. This collaborative community improvement mechanism is standard in the software industry and we believe that it will be of great value in the structural scientific community to improve the quality of macromolecular structure data."

About Chemical Computing Group

Chemical Computing Group Inc. (www.chemcomp.com) is a leading supplier of scientific software solutions for Life Sciences and has been operating since 1994. Chemical Computing Group's drug discovery software platform is the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) that integrates visualization, simulations and methodology development in one package. Together with PSILO, CCG's products and services are used by biologists, medicinal chemists and computational chemists in many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government organizations and universities throughout the world. Chemical Computing Group is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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