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CCG Releases Enhanced Suite of Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery Tools

MONTREAL, August 31, 2006

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) announces the release of its latest version of the Molecular Operating Environment software - MOE 2006.08. MOE is a fully integrated drug discovery software package with tools for Protein Modeling & Bioinformatics, Pharmacophore Modeling, Cheminformatics & QSAR, High Throughput Discovery, Structure-Based Design, Molecular Modeling and Simulations and Method Development.

MOE 2006.08 offers new benefits for structure-based design, visualization, high throughput discovery, protein modeling & 3D bioinformatics, cheminformatics, and molecular modeling such as:

  • 2D Active Site Depiction
  • High Quality Transparency and Back Face Culling
  • RECAP Analysis and Synthesis
  • Electrostatics Maps
  • London dG Scoring Function
  • GB/VI Implicit Solvent Model

Version 2006.08 comes with an auxiliary DVD containing 3D conformations in MOE molecular Database format for approximately 650,000 lead-like chemical structures.

CCG President and CEO, Paul Labute, comments "CCG's consistent research and development program has resulted in a new release that will increase flexibility for scientists and improve collaborations with other researchers. Customer requests play a vital role in the R&D process at CCG and contributed heavily to this year's release."

For more information about MOE 2006.08 or for a free trial, send email to .

About CCG Inc.

Chemical Computing Group (CCG) is a technological leader and worldwide supplier of innovative scientific software for Life Sciences. CCG's software, the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE), is an exceptional combination of visualization, simulation, and method development. MOE applications serve a wide range of users, including leading computational and medicinal chemists in biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations across the globe. MOE is written in a self-contained programming system, the Scientific Vector Language (SVL). SVL is a chemistry receptive scripting language designed specifically for life science application development. CCG is based in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Köln, Germany, Cambridge, UK and Bangalore, India. In Asia, MOE is distributed by Ryoka Systems. Please visit www.rsi.co.jp/science.html for more information.