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Chemical Computing Group Releases New MOE Version 2004.03

MONTREAL, March 29, 2004

Chemical Computing Group today announced the latest release of MOE - the Molecular Operating Environment, software for computer assisted drug discovery and design. MOE 2004.03 contains some major enhancements to its extensive range of comprehensive computational applications, which include tools for Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, High Throughput Discovery, Protein Modeling, and Structure Based Design.

MOE 2004.03 features enhancements to its Pharmacophore applications including the ability to search multiple databases, and design Pharmacophore-based combinatorial libraries. Crystallographic Visualization has been added to MOE and Electron Density Map visualization. Java subsystem advancements offer researchers access to URL files and to quickly download PDB files directly from the RCSB Protein Data Bank web site. A new JDBC viewer has been added for viewing external databases. Additionally, semi-empirical calculations and the ability to perform molecular mechanics and dynamics simulations in parallel are included in the new release.

CCG's entire suite of drug discovery software applications has been adapted to take full advantage of the stability and speed of Mac OS X's underlying UNIX layer as well as its advanced graphical capabilities. CCG has undertaken this development in response to the growing demand for life science software on Mac OS X.

Paul Labute, CCG's President and CEO, comments,

"CCG strives to provide researchers with products built on proven scientific methods to foster the discovery of new chemical entities. Customer requests play a vital role in the research and development process at CCG and largely contributed to the direction of this version."

Chemical Computing Group Inc. is a leading provider of computational applications aimed at the drug discovery and design marketplace. CCG's flagship product is the award winning Molecular Operating Environment (MOE), which offers visualization, simulation, and methodology development in one package. MOE provides an integrated suite of powerful, yet intuitive chemistry software tools for HTS, Structure Based Design, Molecular modeling and Protein and Homology modeling as well as an embedded programming language for the rapid prototyping of scientific methods. Computational chemists, medicinal chemists and biologists use MOE in pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and universities worldwide.

CCG is based in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Köln, Germany and Cambridge, UK. For more information, visit www.chemcomp.com. Send E-mail to . In Asia, MOE is distributed by Ryoka Systems. Please visit www.rsi.co.jp/science.html or send E-mail to . for more information.