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Chemical Computing Group Announces Collaboration with Aeon Technology and Ryoka Systems for the Materials Science Software Market

MONTREAL, September 3, 2003

Chemical Computing Group Inc. (CCG) announces that it has begun a collaboration with Aeon Technology (Aeon) of San Diego and Ryoka Systems (RSI) of Japan to provide an integrated scientific software solution for the Materials Science market.

Chemical Computing Group Inc. is a leading supplier of scientific software for Life Sciences and has been operating since 1994. Chemical Computing Group's main software platform is the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) that integrates visualization, simulation and methodology development in one package. MOE contains a wide variety of built-in applications in the fields of Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Computer-Aided Molecular Design and Molecular Modeling.

Aeon designs and develops molecular modeling software to serve the research communities in both the material and life sciences. Aeon focuses on automatic construction of high quality parameters for molecular mechanics using a unique fitting engine called Direct Force Field. Aeon is currently constructing a fragment-based TEAM forcefield which is expected to be far superior to forcefields in current use.

Ryoka Systems, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, has been a leading provider of materials and life sciences scientific software and services in Japan for over fifteen years. RSI has in-depth expertise in the needs of the materials science community and has broad knowledge of the competitive landscape.

Paul Labute, President and CEO of CCG said, "We are extremely pleased with this collaboration which will be of great benefit to CCG, Aeon, RSI and the Materials Science research community." He went on to say that, "We believe that the proven flexibility of MOE will be of even greater importance in Materials Science than in Life Science. In addition to very accurate parameters that Aeon can provide, Materials Science researchers require fine control over the details of their simulation protocols. The MOE architecture is uniquely suited to provide this level of flexibility." Labute also said that "RSI will play a very important role in the collaboration. RSI's broad knowledge of the market and competitive situation will be of importance in building an integrated Materials Science platform that will meet the needs of the research community."

Chemical Computing Group Inc. is located in Montreal. Its web site is www.chemcomp.com.
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Aeon Technology Inc. is located in San Diego. Its web site is www.aeontechnology.com.
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Ryoka Systems Inc. is located in Tokyo. Its web site is www.rsi.co.jp.
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