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Before April 22, 2019
$300 USD.

After April 22, 2019
$400 USD.
The fees give attendees full access to all workshop training sessions, scientific presentations, meals and receptions.

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UGM & Conference 2019
North America

June 25-28, 2019  |   Montreal, Canada  |  Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel

Chemical Computing Group is pleased to announce that the next UGM and Conference North America will take place June 25-28 in Montreal, Canada.

REGISTRATION is now open.

Our annual scientific meeting will be a 4-day event, consisting of workshops, scientific presentations, and a poster session as well as social activities including receptions and a conference dinner. The scientific presentations will take place on June 27-28.

If you are interested in presenting a poster during the meeting, please include your poster title and abstract on your registration form. Presenters of accepted posters will receive a 25% discount on early / regular registration.

  • Simulating Allosteric Motions to Understand Role of hMLKL Protein in Necroptosis
    Govinda Bhisetti, Principal Investigator and Head of Computational Chemistry, Biogen
  • Structure-Based Design of Macrocycles
    Maxwell Cummings, Principal Research Scientist, Janssen R&D
  • Molecular Basis for Kinase Specificity of Rock Inhibitors 
    Rafael Depetris, Principal Scientist I, Kadmon
  • In silico Modeling of PROTAC-Mediated Ternary Complexes for Predicting Protein Degradation 
    Michael Drummond, Scientific Applications Manager, Chemical Computing Group
  • Talk title to be announced
    Jose Duca, Global Head of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery, Novartis
  • High Throughput in Silico Antibody Characterization, Selection and Optimization
    Yves Fomekong-Nanfack, Associate Director, Head of S-3D, EMD Serono
  • Talk title to be announced
    Cen Gao, Principal Research Scientist, Eli Lilly
  • "Let the Chemicals Speak": Mining Public Agrochemical Informatics Resources to Design Better Herbicides
    Michael-Rock Goldsmith, Computational Discovery Chemistry Lead, Bayer Crop Science
  • Simulation of Competition Experiments in Order to Predict Relative Binding Affinities of Drug-Like Molecules 
    Hakan Gunaydin, Principal Scientist, Relay Therapeutics
  • Learning from Antibody Structures
    Xuan Hong, Computational Chemist, GlaxoSmithKline
  • A Selectivity Prediction Model Based on MD simulations
    Araz Jakalian, Principal Scientist (CADD), Paraza Pharma Inc.
  • Antibody Humanization: Caveats & Strategies for Success 
    Stanley Krystek, Research Fellow, Molecular Structure & Design, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • MM-based Dipole Moment Calculations in Drug Design
    Matt Lee, Director, Molecular Modeling & Design, CHDI Foundation
  • Molecular Modeling in Designing Chimeric Protein Degraders
    Yilin Meng, Senior Scientist, Pfizer
  • Talk title to be announced
    Essam Metwally, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck
  • Structure Based Optimization Of TYK2 Pseudokinases Inhibitors From A DNA Encoded Library 
    Ninad Prabhu, Investigator, Medicine Design, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Talk title to be announced
    Scott Rowland, Associate Scientific Fellow, Takeda
  • Helping Victims, Reforming Perpetrators using Rational Design
    Roy Vaz, Consultant, Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases, UCSF
  • Computational Design of Peptidomimetic Antibody–Drug Conjugate Linkers with Enhanced Protease Specificity
    BinQing Wei, Senior Scientist, Genentech

TUESDAY, June 25 - WorkshopsDAY 1
08:00Registration Open
09:00-12:00MOE Project and Protein Family Modeling
MOE project / database management / specialized protein families / project search
09:00-12:00Structure-Based Drug Design and Ligand Modification
Molecular Surfaces and Maps / Ligand Interactions / Conformational Searching / Ligand Optimization / Ligand Selectivity / Protein Alignments and Superposition
09:00-12:00Cheminformatics and QSAR
MOE databases / Calculated Descriptors / Fingerprints / QSAR Modeling / Binary QSAR / Similarity Searching / Consensus Modeling
13:30-16:30Introduction to SVL
SVL Concepts / Scripts for Moe/Batch / Test New Ideas/Hypotheses / Customize MOE / Programming Techniques / Window Toolkit / Descriptors and Fingerprints / Interactive Problem Solving
Macromolecular repository / 3D query searching / pocket similarity / display electron density / central repository / Specialized protein databases.
13:30-16:30Peptide Modeling, Conformational Searching and Docking
Structure preparation / Non-natural amino acids / Conformational searching / Distance restraints / Peptide-protein docking / Protein-ligand interaction fingerprints

WEDNESDAY, June 26 - Workshops & Poster SessionDAY 2
09:00-12:00Advanced Structure-Based Drug Design
Pharmacophore Modeling / Docking / Fragment-based Design / Scaffold Replacement / R-Group Screening / Project Search / Protein-Ligand Interaction Fingerprints
09:00-12:00Antibody Modeling and Protein Engineering in MOE
Protein Engineering / Protein Properties / Developability / Hot Spot Analysis / Antibody Modeling / Humanization / Molecular Surfaces
09:00-12:00Ligand-Based Drug Design and SAR Analysis
R-Group Profiles and Analysis / MOEsaic / MMP Analysis / Descriptor Calculations / Conformational Searching / Molecular Alignments / Pharmacophore Modeling and Searching / Diversity Analysis
13:30-16:30Protein Alignments and Homology Modeling
Sequence and structure alignments / Template selection / Building and refining homology models
13:30-16:30Biologics: Protein Alignments, Modeling and Docking
Protein Alignments and Superposition / Loop and Linker Modeling / Homology Modeling / Protein- Protein Docking / Protein Solubility Analysis / 2D Hot Spot Mapping / PLIF / Biologics QSAR Modeling
13:30-16:30Small Molecule Virtual Screening
MOE Databases / Descriptors / Fingerprints / QSPR Modeling / Pharmacophore Modeling / Template-Forced Docking / Scaffold Replacement / MedChem Transformations
18:30-20:30Opening Reception & Poster Session

THURSDAY, June 27 - Scientific PresentationsDAY 3
08:30-17:00Scientific Presentations
18:30Cocktail & conference dinner

FRIDAY, June 28 - Scientific PresentationsDAY 4
08:30-15:45Scientific Presentations
15:45-17:00Closing Reception

There will be a number of hands-on MOE workshops on various application areas on June 25-26. Workshops sessions will be held at the Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel. Course titles will be announced in the coming weeks.

Accommodation and travel arrangements are the responsibility of attendees. If you would like to stay at Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel, please make your hotel reservations directly with the hotel. In order to get the special group rate of $244.00 CND, plus taxes, per night stay in a deluxe suite, please make sure you make your reservation by email ( or phone (514-350-1177 or 1-866-811-1345) no later than May 24, 2019. When making your reservation, please mention the name "Chemical Computing Group."

  • The rate is per night, per suite, single or double occupancy
  • Complimentary high speed internet and Wi-Fi access in all suites and meeting rooms
  • No charge for children under 12 years who stay with their parents
  • $25.00 per additional person will be added to the account (maximum 4)

Before April 22, 2019, conference fees are $300 USD, rising to $400 USD after this date. Registration provides attendees with full access to all workshop sessions, scientific presentations, meals and social functions. Attendees presenting an accepted poster will receive a 25% discount on early / regular registration.

If you would be interested in presenting a talk or a poster, please contact
Raul Alvarez at .

We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal this coming June!