Registration Fees
Before March 22, 2019
GBP 180.

After March 22, 2019
GBP 280.
The fees give attendees full access to all workshop training sessions, scientific presentations, meals and receptions.

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UGM & Conference 2019

May 21-24, 2019  |   Oxford, UK  |  Saïd Business School and Macdonald Randolph Hotel

Chemical Computing Group is pleased to announce that the next CCG European UGM and Conference will take place May 21-24 in Oxford, UK.

REGISTRATION is now open.

Our annual scientific meeting will be a 4-day event, consisting of workshops, scientific presentations, and a poster session as well as social activities including receptions and a conference dinner. The scientific presentations will take place on May 23-24 at the Macdonald Randolph Hotel, Oxford.

If you are interested in presenting a poster during the meeting, please include your poster title and abstract on your registration form. Presenters of accepted posters will receive a 25% discount on early / regular registration.

  • Computational approaches for target prediction in drug discovery
    Andrew Anighoro, Senior Scientist Research Informatics, Evotec (UK)
  • Talk title to be announced
    Andreas Bender, Reader in Molecular Informatics, Dept of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
  • Talk title to be announced
    Michael Charlton, Head of Drug Discovery, Oxford Drug Design
  • In-silico fragment screening and hit-ID for PPI targets
    Ben Cossins, Principal Scientist, UCB
  • Science Fiction or Thriller: ‘Virtual screening’ in formulation development
    Martin Hülsmeyer, Principal Research Scientist, and
    Axel Wilbertz, PhD student, AbbVie Deutschland
  • Talk title to be announced
    Ronald Knegtel, Research Fellow / Molecular Modelling, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Europe) Ltd.
  • Molecular dynamics search of cryptic pockets for allosteric modulation
    Martin Kotev, Senior Scientist Research Informatics, Evotec (France)
  • Exploring water and hydration sites in structure-based design
    Hans Matter, Senior Scientist, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
  • Computer-aided design of macrocycles for the treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Mike Mazanetz, Director, NovaData Solutions
  • Computational tools for prediction and ranking of manufacturability for antibodies
    Olga Obrezanova, Senior Principal Scientist, Lonza Biologics plc
  • Developability Assessment of Biotherapeutics
    Sid Sridharan, Lead Scientist, Lonza Biologics plc
  • Creating a virtual assistant for medicinal chemistry 
    Lewis Vidler, Senior Research Scientist, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Structure-Based Predictions of CYP Selectivity, Reactivity, and Regioselectivity 
    Speaker to be announced, Chemical Computing Group
  • Computational Approaches for Optimizing the Developability of Biotherapeutics 
    Speaker to be announced, Chemical Computing Group

TUESDAY, May 21 - WorkshopsDAY 1
11:00Registration Open
13:00-16:00Protein Alignments, Superpositions, Homology Modeling and Loop Modeling
Homology modeling / Loop Modeling / Loop Conformational Searching / Sequence Alignments / Structure Superposition / Multimer alignments and superpositions
13:00-16:00Introduction to SVL
SVL Concepts / Scripts for Moe/Batch / Test New Ideas/Hypotheses / Customize MOE / Programming Techniques / Window Toolkit / Descriptors and Fingerprints / Interactive Problem Solving

WEDNESDAY, May 22 - Workshops & Poster SessionDAY 2
09:00-12:00Antibody Modeling and Protein Engineering in MOE
Protein Engineering / Protein Properties / Developability / Hot Spot Analysis / Antibody Modeling / Humanization / Molecular Surfaces
09:00-12:00Advanced Structure-Based Drug Design
Pharmacophore Modeling / Docking / Fragment-based Design / Scaffold Replacement / R-Group Screening / Project Search / Protein-Ligand Interaction Fingerprints
13:00-16:00Biologics: Protein Alignments, Modeling and Docking
Protein Alignments and Superposition / Loop and Linker Modeling / Homology Modeling / Protein- Protein Docking / Protein Solubility Analysis / 2D Hot Spot Mapping / PLIF / Biologics QSAR Modeling
13:00-16:00Ligand-Based Drug Design and SAR Analysis
R-Group Profiles and Analysis / MOEsaic / MMP Analysis / Descriptor Calculations / Conformational Searching / Molecular Alignments / Pharmacophore Modeling and Searching / Diversity Analysis
18:00-20:30Opening Reception & Poster Session

THURSDAY, May 23 - Scientific PresentationsDAY 3
08:30-17:00Scientific Presentations
19:00-22:00Conference Dinner at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History 

FRIDAY, May 24 - Scientific PresentationsDAY 4
08:30-15:45Scientific Presentations
15:45-17:00Closing Reception

There will be a number of hands-on MOE workshops on various application areas on May 21-22. Please note that the workshops sessions will be held at the Saïd Business School of Oxford University.

Before March 22, 2019, conference fees are GBP 180, rising to GBP 280 after this date. Registration provides attendees with full access to all workshop sessions, scientific presentations, meals and social functions. Attendees presenting an accepted poster will receive a 25% discount on early / regular registration.

If you would be interested in presenting a talk or a poster, please contact
Steve Maginn at .

We look forward to welcoming you in Oxford this coming May!