UGM & Conference in North America

Protein Stability Calculations: Application to the improvement of biocatalysts for manufacturing processes

Kristin Brown
Director, Molecular Design US, GlaxoSmithKline
(FRIDAY, June 23 - Scientific Presentations, 08:30-09:00)

In an effort to improve sustainability, quality, and productivity of small molecule manufacturing while reducing costs, many pharmaceutical companies are expanding the use of biocatalysts to improve the synthetic route of their small molecules. Since establishing a dedicated enzyme engineering group in 2014, we have evolved enzymes from seven different enzyme classes that have improved the desired catalytic activity from ~120 fold to over 50,000 fold. Improvements in enzyme stability is critical to the development of industrial biocatalysts that often need to operate under a stressing manufacturing environment with high temperatures and organic solvent concentrations. The application of protein stability calculations to predict stabilizing mutations relevant for industrial biocatalyst evolution will be discussed.