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EUR 200.

After March 17th, 2017
EUR 300.
The fees give attendees full access to all workshop training sessions, scientific presentations, meals and receptions.

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UGM & Conference 2017

May 16-19, 2017  |   Copenhagen, Denmark  |  Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center  |  #UGM2017EU

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April 10th, 2017

Chemical Computing Group is pleased to announce that the next European UGM & Conference will be held from May 16th to 19th, 2017 at the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Our annual scientific meeting is a 4-day event consisting of 2 days of workshops (May 16-17) and 2 days of scientific presentations (May 18-19), as well as plenty of opportunities to socialize during our receptions and conference dinner. Please note that space is limited so early registration is recommended.

TUESDAY, May 16 - WorkshopsDAY 1
12:00Registration Opens
13:30-17:00Introduction to SVL
SVL Concepts / Scripts for Moe/Batch / Test New Ideas/Hypotheses / Customize MOE / Programming Techniques / Window Toolkit / Descriptors and Fingerprints / Interactive Problem Solving
13:30-17:00X-Ray Crystallography: Structure Preparation, Electron Density and Solvent Analysis
Structure Preparation / Side-Chain Rotamer Exploration / Electron Density Maps / Solvent Analysis with 3D-RISM

WEDNESDAY, May 17 - Workshops & Poster SessionDAY 2
09:00-12:00Ligand-Based Drug Design and SAR Analysis
R-Group Profiles and Analysis / MOEsaic / MMP Analysis / Descriptor Calculations / Conformational Searching / Molecular Alignments / Pharmacophore Modeling and Searching / Diversity Analysis
09:00-12:00Antibody Modeling and Protein Engineering in MOE
Protein Engineering / Protein Properties / Developability / Hot Spot Analysis / Antibody Modeling / Humanization / Molecular Surfaces
13:30-17:00Advanced Structure-Based Drug Design
Pharmacophore Modeling / Docking / Fragment-based Design / Scaffold Replacement / R-Group Screening / Project Search / Protein-Ligand Interaction Fingerprints
13:30-17:00Biologics: Protein Alignments, Modeling and Docking
Protein Alignments and Superposition / Loop and Linker Modeling / Homology Modeling / Protein- Protein Docking / Protein Solubility Analysis / 2D Hot Spot Mapping / PLIF / Biologics QSAR Modeling
18:30-20:30Opening Reception & Poster Session

THURSDAY, May 18 - Scientific PresentationsDAY 3
08:00-08:20Morning Coffee
08:20-08:30Opening Remarks
08:30-09:00Molecular Design in Drug Discovery: Applications and Challenges
Karl-Heinz Baringhaus, Site Director R&D Frankfurt, Sanofi Deutschland GmbH
09:00-09:30Fragment Based Discovery – Opportunities for computational chemistry and cheminformatics
Rod Hubbard, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of York and Vernalis plc
09:30-10:00CADD Impact on Drug Discovery Projects: Examples from Roche
Jérôme Hert, Section Head, Computer-Aided Drug Design, F. Hoffmann-La Roche
10:00-10:30Morning Break
10:30-11:00Network Pharmacology Based Modelling: Application to the Discovery of Novel Drug Leads
Ben Allen, Senior Computational Research Scientist, e-Therapeutics plc
11:00-11:30Systems Pharmacology based CNS Drug Discovery – Computational Aspects
Peder Svensson, Director, Computational Chemistry and Biology, CIO, Integrative Research Laboratories Sweden AB
11:30-12:00The Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit IPAD app - A computational tool to support good translational science in projects
Andy Davis, Project Director, AstraZeneca R&D, Sweden
12:00-12:30Protein engineering of Neuregulin 1 to achieve receptor selectivity
Yafeng Xue, Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D, Sweden
12:30-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-14:30Integrating novel tools into development workflow of biologics: nanoDSF and MST for Discovery, Development and QC
Alexey Rak, Head of Bio Structure and Biophysics, Integrated Drug Discovery, Sanofi R&D
14:30-15:00Applying MD in PPI Drug Discovery
Mike King, Senior Group Leader, CADD, UCB Pharma
15:00-15:30Protein Surface Charge and Hydrophobic Patch Analysis
Elizabeth Sourial, Executive Vice President, Chemical Computing Group
15:30-16:00Afternoon Break
16:00-16:30Engineering ImmTAC molecules- crossreactivity in a MAGE A3 specific TCR
Stephen Harper, Senior Scientist, Immunocore Ltd.
16:30-17:00Structural approaches to critical quality attributes assessment
Cristina Sensi, Scientific Assessment Specialist, Merck Serono S.p.A.
17:00-17:30In silico molecular risk profiling of biopharmaceuticals during early stage drug discovery
Alan Lewis, Scientific Leader and GSK Fellow, GlaxoSmithKline
18:30-22:00Drinks Reception and Conference Dinner, at the National Museum of Denmark

FRIDAY, May 19 - Scientific PresentationsDAY 4
08:30-09:00Morning Coffee
09:00-09:30Inhibitors of the Herbicidal Target IspD: Halogen Bonding in an Allosteric Pocket
Matthias Witschel, Principal Scientist, BASF SE
09:30-10:00Exploring Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membranes in Drug Discovery
Jose Duca, Global Head of Computer-Aided Drug Discovery, Novartis
10:00-10:30From building block identification to reaction space exploration: novel tools to make the most out of chemical reactions
Nikolaus Stiefl, Senior Investigator, Novartis
10:30-11:00Morning Break
11:00-11:30Predicting Ligand-Protein Binding Affinities with the MOE MM/GBVI Method
Grace Edmund, Computational Chemist, InhibOx
11:30-12:00Benchmark Data Sets for Assessment of Docking Performance
Björn Windshügel, Head of Structure-Based Drug Design, Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME
12:00-12:30MOEsaic: Application of Matched Molecular Pairs to Interactive SAR Exploration
Andrew Henry, Principal Scientist, Chemical Computing Group
12:30-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-14:30Using MOE to drive rapid development of dynamic undocking as a tool for drug discovery
Peter Schmidtke, Scientific Project Manager, Discngine
14:30-15:00Design and synthesis of subtype-selective agonists for metabotropic glutamate receptors
Lennart Bunch, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
15:00-15:30Comparison of methods for in silico generation of solution-phase conformational ensembles
Matthew Habgood, Senior Computational Chemist, Evotec (UK) Ltd.
15:30-15:45Closing Remarks
15:45-17:00Closing Reception

There will be a number of complimentary hands-on workshops on MOE, for computational chemists, medicinal chemists, and for biological therapeutics, on May 16th (afternoon) & May 17th (morning & afternoon). Workshops will be held at the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center. See above for details.

We are accepting abstracts for posters. If you are interested in presenting a poster during the meeting, please include your poster title and abstract on your registration form. Poster presenters will receive a 25% discount on the early/regular registration fee. Poster viewing will be scheduled on Wednesday evening (May 17), during the opening reception.

Deadline for poster submission is April 10th, 2017.

There will be 3 main social functions during the UGM & Conference 2017. An opening reception with posters on Wednesday evening (May 17), a conference drinks reception and dinner at the National Museum of Denmark on the evening of Thursday (May 18) and a closing reception on Friday afternoon (May 19).

Accommodation and travel arrangements are the responsibility of attendees. Copenhagen is a very popular destination for tourists and business people alike and therefore hosts a good range of accommodation options.

The official conference hotel is Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center. A 10% discount on standard accommodation rates at the Tivoli is available for attendees at the UGM & Conference; information about this will be provided with confirmation of registration.

Conference fees are EUR 200 before March 17th, 2017 - EUR 300 thereafter. The fees give attendees full access to all workshop sessions, scientific presentations, meals* and social functions. Attendees presenting an accepted poster will receive a 25% discount on early/regular registration.

* May 16: afternoon refreshments | May 17: morning/afternoon refreshments, lunch and canapés during the opening reception | May 18: morning/afternoon refreshments, lunch and conference dinner | May 19: morning/afternoon refreshments and lunch.