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Customer Support

Inquiries range from basic interface issues to advanced SVL programming and methodology. We also offer scientific advice on how to use MOE for particular research projects. Contact our customer support team:

  Telephone Fax E-mail
Academia +1 514 393 1055 +1 514 874 9538
North America +1 514 393 1055 +1 514 874 9538
United Kingdom +44 1223 422321 +44 1223 422318
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Japan (Far East) +81-3-3553-8030 +81-3-3553-8031

Industrial Training Courses

With offices around the world, CCG offers complimentary standard and customized on-site training courses to explain the principles and uses of MOE applications. Learning is by means of classroom instruction and examples, combined with hands-on exercises. Training sessions are geared to meet the specific requirements of our industrial customers, and depending on the number of attendees, are given at the client site or a CCG office.

CCG Training

Training includes the following topics:

* training for medicinal chemists available upon request
Course Title Duration
Introduction to MOE * 1/2 day
QSAR and HTS 1/2 day
Protein Modeling 1/2 day
Structure-Based Drug Design 1/2 day
Programming in SVL 1-2 days
Pharmacophore Modeling 1/2 day

An SVL programming course is also offered and covers the following topics:

  • SVL concepts such as scalars, vectors, indexing, tagging etc.
  • Programming concepts such as control flow, expressions, functions, scoping, file I/O, etc.
  • Interface development and customization using the SVL GUI toolkit
  • Programming with MOE molecular databases
  • Writing specialized programs that run from MOE/batch

Courses can be customized to specifically address the topics which may be of greater interest.

If you are a current user of MOE, or a new customer and would like more information on our training sessions and on-site product demonstrations please contact CCG by:

+1 (514) 393-1055